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Meet The Classy Cat Lady, LVT

Welcome. I am glad you stopped by, and hope you stay awhile. I am Kate, The Classy Cat Lady. I've been in the Veterinary Medicine field since 2004, and am a Licensed Veterinary Technician. I am also the Purrprioter of a Cat Café, Catnip & Coffee. In fact, Catnip & Coffee is the only Catfe owned by an LVT in South Carolina!

So why should you care about my credentials? Well, they give me the knowledge and background in cat behavior and care to help guide you. I have worked in just about every aspect of Vet Med, from general practice to emergency, shelter medicine to lab animal research, and have taken extensive continuing education courses in nutrition. I have managed both corporate and privately owned veterinary practices as well. Before Catnip & Coffee or The Classy Cat Lady, LVT came to fruition, I was actually earning my B.A.S in Veterinary Technology, with a concentration in Hospital Administration.

Then burn out happened. Now, I play with cats all day and make coffee. On the side, I provide coaching session to pet lovers. Life is good.

Thanks for visiting, and keep an eye out for future blog posts focused on cat care!

Kate Laflin, LVT

The Classy Cat Lady

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